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Express Service and Hauling Pricing

Express dump trucks are some of the largest in the junk removal industry. It can hold up to 640 cubic feet of junk (16' x 8' x 5') that’s almost 24 cubic yards, our trucks are 25% larger than our top competitors, yet our rates are more than 25% less expensive!

Express can do much more for customers who need removal of yard debris & greenery that is accessible & compactable with a bobcat. With Express powerful bobcat & grappler attachment we will bail the materials down as we load it into the truck for up to 24 compacted cubic yards at no extra charge. Please Note: Express is not responsible for any damage or tire marks from bobcat use & notify of bobcat need at reservation is required.

LIGHT MATERIALS: Trash, Junk, Yard Debris

Our prices for trash are based on volume - how much space your junk takes up in our truck. You can be confident that our prices are always, competitive and explained clearly before we do any work. Our skilled crew will do all the lifting, loading and even the final broom cleanup. With one of the largest capacity dump trucks in the industry, we are ready 6 days a week.

Light Trash Materials

Prices Are For Curbside Pickup Light Materials: Trash, Garbage, Furniture, Yard Waste, Junk & Debris

Load Size:
16' x 8' x 4/5' -- Bed Load = 19 to 24 cubic yards or 512 to 640 cubic feet
Light Trash Materials

With Heavy Materials: Such as dirt, concrete & construction debris add $25 per c/y plus dump fee. *If more than 20' please add surcharges.

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HEAVY MATERIALS: Dirt, Concrete, Asphalt, Sand, Rock

Our prices for solid materials are based on cubic yard – (3' x 3' x 3') feet is one cubic yard. Please call our office with the dimensions of each pile or area in (Length' x Wight' x Height') and our representative will give you a quote immediately. Check our Equipment Gallery for more info...

Heavy Construction Materials (10 Cubic Yards)
Load Size:
16' x 8' x 2.5' -- Bed load = 10 cubic yards or 282 cubic feet
Light Trash Materials

DEMOLITION: For prices please call our office at (760) 489-6001 with the dimensions in (Length' x Width' x Height') and our professional estimator will give you an estimate immediately.

Heavy Earthen Materials (16 Cubic Yard)
Load Size:
14' x 8' x 4' -- Bed load = 16 cubic yards or 448 cubic feet
Light Trash Materials

*Clean Materials: Recycling Fee Included *If pile is more than 20' away please add surcharges

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Other Fees
Landfill Fees
Recycling Fees
$35.00 per ½ Ton (up to 1,000 lbs) Heavy Materials: Range from $75-$250 per load depending on location/material
$60.00 per Ton (general trash & debris Appliance: Standard size $25 ea.
$92.00 per Ton (construction debris) Tire: Standard size $15 ea.
  E-waste: Depend on materials & local city guidelines
Cancellation: Please call us 24 hrs prior your appointment, otherwise a $75 cancellation fee will apply.

Price May Change: If the information given at the time of reservation is not correct.
Light Materials Heavy Materials
$50 per ¼ load (for more than 20" away from the truck) our experience crews will let you know if surcharges are necessary before they start the work $25 per cubic yard (3x3x3) for concrete, dirt, rock, asphalt, brick
$50 (minimum) per ¼ loads for cutting/demo $25 per cubic yard for demolition or cutting
  E-waste: Depend on materials & local city guidelines
Concrete With Rebar/Wire Mesh: Add extra labor & dump fees

Impeded Pathway: If objects obstruct our pathway an additional labor surcharge of $50 or more per ¼ load may apply (depending on difficulty)
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