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Brush Removal, Landscape Clearing and Fire Prevention

San Diego Brush RemovalLandscape removal in San Diego can be very difficult due to the hard and rocky terrain on most San Diego properties. But removing the natural brush that grows around your property is critical in order to avoid the catastrophic devastation which can occur from wildfires that come yearly to the San Diego area.

Hillside Leveling

Express has years of experience removing brush from around your property, we also have the best equipped crews in San Diego which include multiple sizes of Bobcat tractors and heavy duty trucks that can get into rugged back areas behind your property. Our crews can clear an entire hillside of greenery, brush and landscaping in much less time than our competitors because of our years of experience and unique knowledge in landscape clearing.

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Best Equipped Crews in San Diego

San Diego Land ClearingWhile many landscape clearing projects in San Diego are done for the purpose of building, most are for the beautification of the property and for fire prevention. And for those who have tried to clear brush and landscaping from their properties on their own, you will appreciate the value of using the right high capacity equipment and hauling trucks to properly clear your properties brush and greenery.

Contractors Commercial Credit Plan

Contractors and corporate accounts for landscape clearing and brush removal are available at Express Hauling and Demolition. And with your company’s corporate account you can take advantage of our commercial credit plan that gives your company up 30 days to pay with no interest.

Express Demolition and Hauling has been a dependable solutions provider for contractors in San Diego for 15 years. We have been the one company contractors can always call to get immediate service on any job site, anywhere in San Diego County. Offering business services to Contractors, Property Management, Landscapers and Realty Companies, Express has forged a reputation for fair and competitive pricing, quality workmanship and the highest project safety standards.

An Eco-Friendly Company

San Diego Fire PreventionExpress Demolition and Hauling is an earth friendly green eco-company that respects the San Diego environment and with that we recycle all greenery (that is eco-friendly). And that’s good for both San Diego and the environment, so make sure to choose the right eco-friendly company for your residential or business landscape clearing project.

Brush and Landscape Removal:
  1. Concrete Drive Way and Slab Demolition
  2. Boat, Spa, Shed, and R.V. Hauling
  3. House, Garage and Building Demolition
  4. Swimming Pool Demolition and More
Our Other Services Include:
  1. Brush and Abatement Clearing
  2. Property and Eviction Clean out
  3. REO Foreclosure Clean out
  4. Foreclosure Property Trash out
  5. Construction Debris Clean up
  6. Fire Debris Clean up
  7. Mulch and Soil Delivery
  8. Concrete Washout
  9. Demolition Contractor
  10. Construction Site Gravel Entryway




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