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Residential Demolition

Larger residential demolition projects such as home demolition or building demolition will require permits, which Express Hauling can get for the homeowner as part of the overall project. We have large tractors and Bobcats that make quick work of tearing down unwanted homes and buildings, and we’ll keep the mess in your yard so your neighbors are not disturbed.

Express Hauling also has the largest trucks of any hauler in San Diego, we haul everything to the dump and sort any organic materials for recycle. We can carry more cubic feet of construction debris from your residential demolition project, and that means you pay for fewer truck loads to the dump.

Remodeling Demolition

The term demolition when it comes to a residential home can mean different things, depending on the project. Two of the most common types of residential demolition projects are kitchen and bathroom remodel. These are usually the items that will immediately increase home value, so most homeowners like to start their home improvement project in either of these rooms.

Another typical place to begin a remodel project that will require demolition, is the garage. Garages can be turned into larger living space, extra rooms or additions above a garage can add extra square footage tot your home. Express Hauling has years of experience and all of the construction demolition equipment necessary, to ensure your home improvement project gets started correctly.

Business Demolition

Renovating a business whether it’s a restaurant, retail space of office requires professional business demolition experts. With complicated air conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems in many business locations, business demolition needs to be completed by experience demolition contractors.

Moving large pieces of construction debris out of your business building requires the right equipment, it also requires the most experienced demolition workers. We do the demolition and the haul away, so when our crew has completed your business demolition the entire area is clean and ready to begin construction!

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